Week 5 Class Exercise

Reading stories online:

When falling through the living room ceiling, you may find yourself in the middle of the story with no context as to where it began, and no clue as to where it ends. Following links through posts and from searches can do this to you. You might find yourself for instance, reading through a news story about the current state of a political fued, without knowing where it started. Or you could find yourself at chapter 3 of someone’s story that they’ve published, reading about a character who you have no idea about in a situation with no explanation. You might even find yourself following links through your Youtube recommendations, where you click on a web series or series of vlogs and find yourself in the middle, and with no context as to what the series is and where it is going, or even finding yourself on a ‘Making Of …’ video without having seen the actual finished product.

Following the stories:

The first story I followed started at the She Shreds Magazine blog. I then followed a link to a band – Slothrust’s bandcamp page. From there, I found a link to a venue’s page on Songkick from a show that they had played there. From that page, I found a review to a gig that Highly Suspect played, which is interesting, because I gained no context as to how these two bands are related. The links ended there, what a journey.

The next story I followed started at Panic! At The Disco’s Wikipedia page. I followed a link that lead to the Wikipedia page for ‘Pop’, which then lead to a link for the ‘Verse-Chorus Form’ page. I then followed a citation link to a site with an article on “Rockin’ Out: Expressive Modulation in Verse-Chorus Form”. This then lead to a few more links to other citations further down the page. I then found a link to another blog that explored the “Sensitive Female Chord Progression” in music, which is apparently a thing, and from there I found another link to an article on the same site that taught me how to easily find if a song uses the sensitive female chord progression.



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