Hootsuite seems as though it would be a valuable tool for larger bloggers, or companies with several social media sites, as it would allow them to post the same message across many different platforms instantaneously, saving valuable time. For my own personal use, however, I find that it may be helpful in some ways, but ultimately I tend to use different ‘personas’ over each of my social media accounts, meaning that a singular post going to each of them wouldn’t necessarily fit in with the discourse of each account. For example, I rarely post to my Facebook account, usually only using it to like posts and message friends. On my Instagram account the captions that I post with each photo usually contain a non sequitur, or a sarcastic comment about myself, or my dog (such as using the caption ‘Gross’ under a picture of my dog, followed by the tags #growth #family #blessed #mummyblogger). I will also only use my Twitter account to post links to Youtube videos I have created, or to post comments and observations that I find wouldn’t fit my other social media accounts. Hootsuite does offer the ease of use of having all my streams in one place, meaning I don’t have to swap between sites and apps, which is helpful, but again, I think that it would be more useful to someone who uses a singular voice across most or all platforms.


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