Pop Punk and Bad Feminism

I found an interesting, and quite true read on the misogyny that’s evident in pop punk, and the kind of boy’s club that surrounds the genre. As the article mentions, there’s a similar love that many fans have towards the music that is explored in Roxanne Gaye’s Bad Feminism and rap lyrics, where many girls and women find enjoyment from the genre, despite the fact that many of the songs outright state how much a girl has ruined this poor boy’s life from her slutty-ness, despite the fact that this girl was never in a relationship with the boy in the first place, but I digress. I will admit I am one of them, the genre appeals to me in it’s energy and sound, and there are plenty of bands that find their way through the scene without laying blame on all their issues on the girlfriend they had in year 7. The misogyny is also explored in a blog post by Powered By Girl, where the issue of men quite literally forcing women out of the space by pushing and bashing them out of mosh pits for having the audacity to ruin their bro culture (something I’ve experienced personally). This isn’t anything new, of course, we’ve seen it before in 90’s Hardcore, which sparked the Riot Grrrl movement, so I’m warming up the pop corn for when Riot Grrrl wave 2 comes along.


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