Top 5 Resources

Here is the list of my top 5 resources. Most are these are based in some form of publication like magazines on online news and reviews, as this is where I get most of my information about the music industry.

Website of a guitarist magazine, it includes links to Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram (they liked one of my pictures once, it was awesome), as well as allowing for comments on their articles they post online.

Alternative music magazine website, also links to social media and comments section.

A blog for music reviews and news on tumblr, which allows for reblogs with the opportunity to add comments, as well as submit asks to directly communicate with the blog.

An online music magazine that includes news, reviews and columns. Each article has a comments section where people can interact, as well as an option to share the article to Facebook, where people can interact with the article with the people on their Facebook feed.

Sound cloud group  —

community of people and bands who post tracks that they have made, can like, comment on and repost tracks. These sites are very interactive where there isn’t a hierarchical structure, and all contributors, aside from the moderator or the group creator are at the same level and has the same access as everyone else. This interactivity can be almost selfish in itself, or motivated by personal gain, as liking on commenting on someone else’s track will often mean that they like yours back. I’ve found that the smaller these communities are, the more likely that people will interact with each other. For instance, a group with under 1000 people will have more comments, and more consistent commentors than a group of over 50,000 people, where tracks are burried in the stream before people are able to view and interact with them.


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