Major Music Project: Written Proposal

Outcome can be found here


For my Major Music Project I am writing, recording and producing a five song EP for my band, The Ninth Dimension. The genre of the EP will be punk, drawing influences from Melbourne bands such as Camp Cope and the Smith Street Band, as I find the raw live sound of their records can be very emotive. As well as this, I will also draw influences from pop punk and emo bands such as The Wonder Years, Real Friends, Brand New and Green Day, as well as more commercial or heavier bands such as Paramore, Sum 41 and Neck Deep, as these bands best capture the sound that my band aims for.

The arrangement of the songs will include a five piece band set up of lead vocals (as well as backing and harmonies), lead and rhythm guitars, bass, and drums. This will help to give the EP the live feel that bands like Camp Cope have, as well as keep in line with using real instruments, as is the norm with the punk genre.

The goal for this project is to create an EP where my influences can be heard, but is also unique in itself. I want my band to have its own sound, and for our EP to not sound like a Paramore or Brand New EP. I also want the EP to sound as professional as possible in the recording and mixing, however I do want to retain some of the DIY feel of a punk record, which will be a fine line to balance.

Some tracks that have the sound that I’m aiming for are:

Escape Route – Paramore

The Static Age – Green Day

Failure By Design – Brand New

Dismantling Summer – The Wonder Years

No Apologise – Sum 41


My main deadlines for my timeline are to record  guitars over week 4 and 5. Following this, I will be recording drums in week 5 (instead of week 4 to get the best possible sound and practice time) and I’ll be able to record vocals from week 5 through to 6. This allows for week 7 to 11 to be weeks where I mix the song, with a final week at the end incase anything gets push back. My main time constraint is with recording the vocals, as I am working around another person’s schedule, and can only fit in shorter sessions. Because of this, my aim to have all the lead vocals recorded in these sessions, and if I run out of time for backing vocals I can either do them myself, or have another person do them.

How it connects to my future

This project connects to my future in the music industry through producing an example of the skills and knowledge I have developed throughout this course, which I can show potential employers for jobs and internships. It will also give me first hand experience into the process of creating and releasing an EP or body of work which I can apply to other projects.

Furthermore, having an EP for my bands gives us something to promote and advance our musical career, as currently we only have a couple of demos posted online to show people. This allows us to connect to others and expand our audience, through gigs, radio play and making music videos for the songs. 



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