Major Music Project: Final Outcome

Overall I am happy with my final outcome. I think that it showcases my ability more as a songwriter than a producer, however it is a good starting point for my career.

There is some rough cuts in the vocals, such as words being cut off or the one line being sung two different ways, which makes some parts of the songs a bit awkward, but I don’t think it detracts from the music too much.

I’ve planned a release for November 2nd with a short social media campaign with my band member(s), offering the EP to be streamed for free on Soundcloud, or downloaded for $2 with a bonus acoustic demo from Bandcamp. I’m also looking into digital distribution, depending on prices and audience engagement. This will most likely be done after the release date. I’ve also got some CDs to be sent off to radio stations that prefer hardcopies, as well as a few copies to give to friends and family. Because I have no money, these were done at home, which doesn’t give them the most professional look, but hey, it’s punk rock.


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