Week 3 – Copyright and Creative Commons


Throwback to Copyright vs Creative Commons, because this has been sitting in my drafts folder for who knows how long.

I think there are both pros and cons to each method of protecting your own intellectual property. Copyright gives you outright control over what you own, and it’s not going to be a good time for anyone who tries to claim your work as their own. You’re also protected for the 70 years after you end up six feet below, so you’re estate can benefit off any success your work might have, and no one can claim your work when you’re not around to tell them its not theirs (unless you’re into haunting). On the other hand, Creative Commons gives others the chance to use your work, provided that they have permission, as a spring board to make something new out of it. I think for artists and creators, a license to be able to continue a story from one creation to the next (while still maintaining the correct credits) is a great thing. Imagine a world without covers — so many Spotify playlists would become non existent. Share the love, use Creative Commons.



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